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The district state architect is set up to ensure the structural, accessibility, and fire and life safety. We know this process can be daunting and we're here to help. Let us know how can we assist with your seating requirements.

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Best Practices & Seating Solution Design Trends

To share our collective knowledge of best practices and current trends in educational seating solutions which maximize the customer’s investment, multi-use and flexibility of seating spaces while improving facility performance and customer satisfaction.

Telescopic Gym Seat Safety

To develop a clear understanding of the critical structural design elements and Life Safety Standards that are used to produce telescopic seating systems that maximize public safety and minimize liability risk.

Credit: 1 CES HSW

Bleacher Systems

To develop a clear understanding of the five standard applications of telescopic seating systems. The student will also gain knowledge of ADA solutions, sight-lines, seat options and accessories.

Credit: 1 CES HSW

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